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Our Approach
Software applications have become the backbone of almost every company irrespective of its size and domain in which it is functioning. Use of advance technology in the organisation helps company management to take faster decisions and apply right policy to remain in a competition. Automating daily business processes have proved cost benefit to the companies. It also helps in managing resources in a better way. Ideal TechnoSoft Pvt Ltd (ITPL) provides customised software solutions as per your requirement which gives you competitive edge. For us software development is a commitment to delight our customers by means of integrity, team work and continual improvement of our systems, services and products.
Being ISO certified company our approach to software development is methodical. We carry out entire process as per ISO guidelines.
Initial meeting
An initial on-site meeting to clarify and discuss core business needs, technology concerns, system compatibility requirements etc.
Requirement gathering
No coding project should start blindly. Clarifying project requirements and functionality in an easy to read build document helps deliver quality projects. Proper planning and risk management saves time and money while keeping the development process under control. Although we don’t believe in creating requirements documents that run to hundreds of pages, we do need to understand and document what the software should do.
Budgeting and pricing
We work with clients to establish a realistic budget. Once we've determined the budget, we'll develop a comprehensive development schedule. Our clients appreciate this no-nonsense budgeting approach. Our pricing guidelines are based on several years of experience serving clients. These guidelines will help you establish accurate baseline budgets.
Designing and finalising layouts
We take a 360 degree approach to design a Data Model that Meets Your Long Term Needs. Your data is going to outlive any application you use. Applications will be upgraded, changed and even discarded – but your data will always exist. We create a data model first that takes not just your present requirements, but also those in the future. Therefore, you save your company many future headaches when new projects come online to integrate with your existing data model.
To a user, the interface IS the application. A good application speaks to the users while removing unnecessary complexity. Your employees are then able to get more done and be assured that the application will be a help to them, not a hindrance.
Software Coding / Production
We start this by writing requirements documents, use cases and other analysis artefact to get an understanding of the business needs of the project. As a part of this process, we work with you to determine the key measurements that define the project’s success.
Continuous Focus on Quality
Balancing business objectives, skill and speed with high quality code output is an art. Simplicity, readability, robustness, performance, extendibility and testability are kept into account in all code. It’s not just a question of taking pride in our code but also because quality code helps limit the number of errors during lifetime of the application.
QA testing with client
We perform a rigorous testing process. Testing may include: code review, functionality testing, scalability testing, screen resolution testing, regression testing, performance testing, navigation and link testing, browser compatibility testing, safety and security testing and stress testing.
We believe in thorough testing. Working meticulously through a comprehensive testing process ensures that we don’t deliver things that don’t work. It's not just a question of taking pride in our code but also because quality error-free code helps limit the number of errors during lifetime of the application and allow easy handover to your team.
Implementation and training
Anything done well, usually starts with a good plan. The same is true for deployment. Before we deploy code, we make sure that the project is signed off. We give you an opportunity to fully test and experience your app in action. Train the trainer sessions will be utilized to support knowledge transfer and provide you with maximum flexibility moving forward.
First class customer support without compromise is one of the cornerstones of our success. Every submission email to Software Support Team contributes to identifying where support is required and can be strengthened. No question is irrelevant. Every question is an opportunity to demonstrate responsible support.

We have been partnering with Ideal Technosoft and Umesh specifically for 5 years now. They as a team bring in a lot of value add to the projects that you entrust them with.

- Anjali Samuel, Managing Partner
Mindfield Resources FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE


Ideal Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. has proven to be an invaluable partner for our business. The commitment and attention to detail which they put into a project displays their motivation to adapt to your business model.

- Rahul Suri, Managing Director
Ritz Search, Dubai, UAE


Ideal Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. have meticulously proven to be an extremely cost effective and professional resource and we definitely see the company as our long-term technology partner.

- Firdos Shakir, VP – Strategic Initiatives
Oman Agencies

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