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Web App For Distribution Channel(CSA)

Distribution of products takes place by means of channels. Channels are sets of interdependent organizations (called intermediaries) involved in making the product available for consumption. Merchants are intermediaries that buy and resell products. Agents and brokers are intermediaries that act on behalf of the producer but do not take title to the products. Consignee Sales Agents (CSA) falls under agents and brokers category where they receive stock from company warehouse for further distribution / selling of the product in the given territory on behalf of the company. They get commission / incentives on the units they sold in a given period. While increasing the number of ways in which a consumer can find a product has the potential to increase sales, it also creates a complex system that can make distribution management difficult.

Relax Web ERP has extended version for Multichannel Distribution System where single firm / company sets up two or more distribution channels to reach one or more customer segment. It caters all the inventory / financial activities taken place at distribution channel (CSA / super stockiest) location. It provides market analysis for specific / all segments collecting data from specific / all distribution channels. It helps company to take channel management decisions collecting real time data.

The main highlights of the system are as follows:
• Centralised master creation system where in master data uploaded to channel location using internet connection. No need to send data via email, CD / DVD etc.
• Online stock receipt entry which helps in controlling stock receipt details like quantity, MRP, selling rate and stock in transit.
• Centralised stockiest master data for all channel locations.
• Data capture for stock receipt, primary sales (billing), stock return, damage stock, receipts, payments, credit note, debit note providing MIS for inventory as well as financial accounting at channel location such as market outstanding, stockiest ledger
• MIS for reimbursement for services provided such as freight paid, octroi paid, salesman salary etc by distribution channels.
• MIS for sales target and achievement by setting up product wise qty / amount targets for each location.

The system has been designed for a company which has its own distribution channel like consignee agents & super stockiest. Latest web technology is used to capture / collect data at single location to provide all MIS. Companies with multichannel distribution system have been proved as benefited by automating such systems. System helps them
      • To increase sales & market coverage.
      • To control inventory.
      • To control cost on maintenance.
      • To maintain accounting at distribution channel.
      • To bring better transparency and to maintain good relation with distribution channels.
      • To reduce cost on logistics
      • To take quick company policy decisions.

We have been partnering with Ideal Technosoft and Umesh specifically for 5 years now. They as a team bring in a lot of value add to the projects that you entrust them with.

- Anjali Samuel, Managing Partner
Mindfield Resources FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE


Ideal Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. has proven to be an invaluable partner for our business. The commitment and attention to detail which they put into a project displays their motivation to adapt to your business model.

- Rahul Suri, Managing Director
Ritz Search, Dubai, UAE


Ideal Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. have meticulously proven to be an extremely cost effective and professional resource and we definitely see the company as our long-term technology partner.

- Firdos Shakir, VP – Strategic Initiatives
Oman Agencies

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