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Web Based ERP Solutions

(WebERP) simplifies office process automation for mid-sized and growing businesses. It provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and much more. WebERP, can accelerate business cycles, improve productivity and reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers, suppliers and partners.

WebERP improves business among customers, suppliers and partners through self-service portals and can be implemented over LAN, Intranet and Internet.

Reduce IT Costs and Maintenance

As a Web-based, hosted solution, WebERP significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no up-gradation requiring complex re-implementation over time. A team of IT professionals manages the maintenance, support, and up-gradation at the data center. As a result, the focus of the management is on running the business, while WebERP solutions run the backend software.

Web ERP brings all single details of the functions of an enterprise into the database. Scientific planning and management is thus possible because of scientific collection of data. It increases productivity, as a result increases the profit of the company.

Web ERP enables companies to give timely service to the customers and clients which automatically increases the customer base and brings repeated customers.

WebERP is cheaper (Low Cost) because:
  • The usual ERP software solution cost runs into huge expenditure. It’s really not possible for a small or medium based company to buy and implement the ERP software in their factory or organization.
  • Web ERP can be purchased in small bits and pieces - section wise computerization. So it becomes easy for the companies to purchase and implement them. Most of the ERP packages are available in full packs only and most of its sections are unused in the companies who had already implemented them.
  • Web ERP can be maintained by the company who developed it - online. So it becomes more effective and best service is guaranteed to all buyers. Its yearly maintenance becomes cheap. ERP packages are highly technical and it takes lot of work to customize it to the local company's need. Hence after big time and money spent on implementation, the people who did it have to be hired at high price for further yearly maintenance. Hence the cost shoots up and becomes unmanageable for the companies at one point of time.
  • Web ERP is both offline and online accessible.

The main highlights of this ERP system are as follows:

  • A complete web based ERP solution wherein all the locations shall be connected to a centralized server through internet.
  • Use of latest web base technology and latest database to take full advantages of features and resources.
  • Having common masters across all modules such as Finance, Inventory, Payroll, Trading & so on.
  • All the data entry and updation shall be done in real time and its collection on a single server for all locations.
  • To facilitate uniform MIS reports availability in real time to any user across all locations.
This new ERP system has been designed to provide a seamless platform for integrating all departmental activities. Here is the comprehensive list of modules which are covered by the ERP system : Purchase, Sales,  Productions, Inventory, Excise, Payroll, Laboratory - Q.A./Q.C., R & D with Inventory, Despatch and Schedule Management, Trading,  Job-work, Supply Chain Management, Financial Accounting, TDS.
Interface : Complete web-based with ASP 2.0/C#
Platform : Microsoft .NET v2.0 with SQL Server 2005

End-User Benefits


This ERP application empowers your managers to make decisions that align with strategic business objectives in areas such as budgeting, recruitment, performance, and cost management. By leveraging analytical information and flexible reporting options, managers can plan, measure, and communicate the effects of strategies on overall business results. This ERP application delivers data from disparate sources right to your managers' fingertips.

The ERP application offers a proactive presentation of relevant, employee-personalized content. It delivers the information, tools, and services that employees need to do their jobs, manage their own important work events, and focus on contributing to business results.

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Oman Agencies

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