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Product Offerings & Features

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Rapid action in today’s environment is mandatory as to improve pace of work with due respect to customer reach and satisfaction. Business solutions that move beyond transactions and reports to incorporate an understanding of the people in a business, their roles, their organization, and the work that they do are essential to enabling the Dynamic Business. We are committed to fulfilling this vision and helping business customers drive forward with confidence. Our products are known to be user-friendly, flexible, comprehensive, and trailblazers in their respective areas.

Key features of our software solutions

  • Gain better business insight : It is important TO GATHER ACCURATE INFO. Regarding your company’s performance at any point of time. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time has never been more critical to your business. Finding the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can bring insight and intelligence into your business is a must.
  • Giving employees quick insight into predefined collection of data tailored to their jobs. Enabling employees to do more ad hoc analysis without engaging IT staff.
  • Providing real-time access to accurate business information and helping your business operate more efficiently.
  • Quick analysis of all aspects of business to deliver better business decisions in high-risk situations.

ITPL offers a suite of solutions that provides rich business intelligence capabilities to companies of all sizes. Our specialized functionality for almost any industry, we deliver the critical information needed for rapid, effective decision-making to key executives and staff.

Our solutions execute business insight which guides you to success. Accurate, up-to-the minute information about product costs, sales trends, and profit margins to inform strategic decisions about where to spend money, how to grow revenue, and how to strengthen margins.

Your people need tools that easily connect them to the right processes, as well as to each other. Our ERP and CRM systems escort employees to improve communication and collaboration and discover better ways to work with one another.

More productive people and processes

ITPL business solutions tie people to the right process in their organization to achieve new levels of productivity.
Here’s how:

  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data re-entry resulting from multiple, disparate systems.
  • Helping task workers communicate and collaborate across organization.
  • Automating common tasks.
  • Providing self-service functionality, enabling employees to perform a range of tasks that they would otherwise defer to IT.
  • Providing role-based access to information, consolidating common tasks to a single screen.
  • Enabling employees to work with tools they already know and understand, such as Microsoft Office Outlook and Excel.
  • Enabling people across the company to perform ad hoc reporting.
  • Providing easy access to business and ERP information by using Web portals or browsers.
  • Easing training and user adoption, helping people to realize their maximum productivity faster.
  • Easily exchanging data with business partners, vendors, and suppliers across the supply chain.
  • Augmenting your processes with functionality of robust financial management tailored for different needs of your people.

Manage Organizational Growth

To gain competitive advantage Companies find  ways to maintain growth—through customer acquisition and retention, diversification into new markets, and even mergers with former rivals and partners.

The key to growth lies in solutions that is

  • Help you take advantage of new market opportunities or fend off new competitors to gain market share.
  • Enable you to plan current and future capacity relative to planned growth.
  • Efficiently integrate disparate applications or legacy systems to provide consistent access to business information, even across distributed companies and newly merged organizations.
  • Help you retain existing customers and gain new ones.
  • Enable you to rapidly respond to new trends and opportunities and identify shifts in purchase patterns.

Our solutions provide the management controls, comprehensive functionality, and customer-centric business processes. Our solutions are required for companies to grow Even under the most challenging conditions.
Here’s how:

  • Role-based functionality as well as user interfaces makes easy to access to all business systems across your entire organization.
  • Web portals provide real-time access to business information, remote employees.
  • Core ERP functionality helps you manage and forecast inventory and sales across all your channels and locations.
  • Build a customer-centric business with fast access to all relevant account history.

Reduce IT costs

Many IT departments are finding that the cost of maintaining outdated, legacy business systems is simply too high. The cost of not having a system—or the wrong system—however, can be much higher. With the right tools in place, you can eliminate many of the costs associated with IT.
IT cost effectiveness is key to your successful business that will:

  • More easily manage data during implementation and initial migration, as well as across disparate systems.
  • Helping to ease customization requirements and reduce training time for new IT staff
  • Reduce support requirements by eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Integrate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with existing IT assets to increase productive use and maximize return on investment (ROI).

Our solutions are built to help IT teams simplify and streamline common IT tasks. ease integration, reduce costs.

Here’s how:

  • Out software solutions runs on Microsoft products that you may already be using, such as Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server. By reusing existing servers and licenses, your company may be able to lower its total cost of ownership.
  • Handle custom configuration and modification easily by taking advantage of open architecture and an object-oriented development environment.
  • Providing employees with rich, self-service functionality and easy-to-use tools to ease the burden of tasks commonly placed on IT, such as reporting tasks.
  • Quickly scale your ERP system to accommodate new companies or multiple sites.

To Summarize,
Our sole purpose is to reduce costs, connect systems, empower people, and deliver business results. It’s not enough to keep machines and applications running; we have to make sure that critical information can move through these systems and reach the right people at the right time.

We have been partnering with Ideal Technosoft and Umesh specifically for 5 years now. They as a team bring in a lot of value add to the projects that you entrust them with.

- Anjali Samuel, Managing Partner
Mindfield Resources FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE


Ideal Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. has proven to be an invaluable partner for our business. The commitment and attention to detail which they put into a project displays their motivation to adapt to your business model.

- Rahul Suri, Managing Director
Ritz Search, Dubai, UAE


Ideal Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. have meticulously proven to be an extremely cost effective and professional resource and we definitely see the company as our long-term technology partner.

- Firdos Shakir, VP – Strategic Initiatives
Oman Agencies

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