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Rental Car Manager (RCM) is the most complete software for managing car rental business. It is a system designed specifically for medium and small car rentals. The program's interface is designed to be simple and its use can be grasped in minutes even by inexperienced computer users.

This software is an exciting and innovative way for small to medium sized Rental Car Operators to manage their Vehicle fleets. It completely changes the way you and your staff interact with the daily requirements of tracking rental cars and maximising profits.

RCM is a complete web based software available anywhere you have access to the Internet. This means that you can manage your Vehicles and Reservations from your office, at home or anywhere an Internet connection is available.

With RCM there are no requirements to upgrade your computer system or spend time and money on costly implementations and training. Simply connect to the Internet, go to the Rental Car Manager home page and Login to the system.

Important Benefits
  • No limitations on the number of users, branches, offices locations
  • Minimal hardware requirements - no expensive PC upgrades or server requirements.
  • Easy single screen reservation sheet giving access to all reservations.
  • Eliminates all that unnecessary paper work commonly used to track vehicle activity.
  • Extensive rates based configurations.
  • Comprehensive on screen reporting with simple and easy printing.
The Car Rental software tracks every rental car contract and every aspect of your car rental operation from vehicle maintenance right through to the car hire analysis, rental car rates and hire car utilisation Analysis.

Car Booking Details Entry
Reminder For Car Duty, Booking Register
Duty Sheet Preparation
¨ General Duty Sheets
 ¨ Contract Duty Sheets
Duty Sheet Register (Client-wise, Vendor-wise)
Bill Preparation & Printing
¨ General Billing
 ¨ Contract Billing
Bill Register, Party Outstanding,
Service Tax Statement, Bill Printing
Payment Collection Entry
Party Outstanding, Party Ledger
Car-wise Fuel Entry
Fuel Log Book
Driver Attendance Entry
Salary Log Book, Salary Slips Creation
Car Servicing, Repairing Entry
Car-wise Repair Services Record Book
Vendor Bill Entry
Vendor Bill Register,  Vendor Outstanding
Vendor Payment Entry
Vendor Outstanding

Additional Reports
  • Car-wise Income Expense - Report gives car-wise Billing and Servicing Details.
  • Missing Kilometers - Report shows Kilometers which are not covered in the entry.
  • Pending Billing - Report gives list of pending duty sheets for which billing is not done.
  • Booking Details - List of advance booking done by the customer.
  • Driver Details - Driver duty details - duty sheets-wise driver list.
  • Label Printing - Print customer addresses in label format.
  • Vendors Search Utility - Search vendor for required car type.
Additional Features
  • Multi-company, Multi-user.
  • Duty type Local Duty, Airport Duty, Outstation Duty (Customize duty type as per requirement).
  • Customer details with  car book by, car used by, Billing To details
  • Online reminders for pending duty sheets,  Billing, PUC, Loan Installments, etc.
  • Easily Export reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • Send duty sheet details to clients via SMS on car departure along with driver name and mobile number.
  • Customized car-wise rate master, client-wise rate master.
  • Maintain Personal Reminder Details.


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- Anjali Samuel, Managing Partner
Mindfield Resources FZ LLC, Dubai, UAE


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- Rahul Suri, Managing Director
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- Firdos Shakir, VP – Strategic Initiatives
Oman Agencies

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